Fox Retro Arnold
channel id


Produced for Vascolo
/ Client: FOX Retro - FOX International Italy
Worked in collaboration with Vascolo & Bravo
Our friends at Bravo call us to develop the animation of a thematic id for Fox Retro Italy. The channel wanted to promote a couple of its famous featured sitcoms through 10 sec ids. Our choice was the all-known Black & White sitcom, and consistent with its content, we decided to take it through a kind of funny motion style. ''Che cavolo dici Willis...??''


  • Original Idea


    Art Direction

    Vascolo + Bravo

    Senior Animator

    Chris O´Farrell
  • Animation Assistant

    Ignacio Sandoval

    3D Resources

    Ignacio Sandoval

    Post & Effects

    Chris O' Farrell
  • Additional Sound FX

    Chris O' Farrell

    At Vascolo & Bravo

    Concept & Art Direction

    Leonor Barreiro Martin Schurmann Pablo Picyk Juan Caballé
  • Boards Design & Illustration

    Juan Caballé

    Original Music

    Martin Bosa


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